Misr Arabia Films (MAF)
The director Khaled Youssef has founded Misr Arabia (Egypt Arab) Films Company several years ago.It is one of the important companies in the field of production and distribution in Egypt, in addition to providing productivity services. The company has contributed in producing series of important movies in Egyptian cinema such as the movies of director Khaled Youssef that has been greatly appreciated and received several awards from Arab and international festivals. The director received many honors. The most prominent of these honors was honoring the director Khaled Youssef at Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards ( DIAFA) in January 2017 for his work.

الإعلان الرسمي لفيلم “جريمة الإيموبيليا” .. تأليف وإخراج خالد الحجر .. إنتاج مصر العربية للانتاج السينمائي
The Official Trailer of “Immobilia Crime” Film .. Written And Directed By Khaled EL-Hagar .. Produced By Misr Arabia Films

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